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Finding Inspiration in Every Click

What we've heard from our community:  Tourism destinations and businesses need support to help guide their tourism journey and access curated tools, resources, and services to help them act. 

The solution: The Future of Tourism Coalition has created a go-to guide to support signatories in moving through their sustainability journeys by curating a selection of research, resources, action plans, and programs. 

Organized around four categories: 

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the toolkit is a living and breathing platform that we will continue to grow and update, that reflects true collaboration among six different organizations, combining our research, products, services, and best practices in one place.

Before 2020, the founding NGOs of the Future of Tourism Coalition were admirers of each other's work, and in some cases, competitors. The pandemic led to the realization that our end games were the same -   to use travel to be a global force for good and challenge the industry to make substantial changes for the future of our destinations.

By combining our collective resources, we hope Future of Tourism Coalition signatories will have tools at their disposal to achieve their sustainability goals. Whether those goals include creating a climate action plan, or learning the basics of sustainability, the information is there, in one place, ready to be put to good use.  

** Please note: the Future of Tourism Toolkit does require an email for access.

Take a Journey

The toolkit is packed full with resources, guides, white papers and more to support your sustainability initiatives. 

Need a place to start?

Click below for examples of navigating the toolkit sections.

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