About the Future of Tourism Coalition

We are a coalition of six non-governmental organizations that have come together to stand united in an appeal for change.

Our Coalition
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The Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) is a nonprofit research organization dedicated to increasing the positive global impact of responsible tourism. CREST assists governments, policy makers, tourism businesses, nonprofit organizations, and international agencies with finding solutions to critical issues confronting tourism, the world’s largest service industry. Learn about CREST’s innovative field projects, research, and advocacy at www.responsibletravel.org.


Green Destinations is a non-profit foundation for sustainable destination development and recognition, leading a global Partnership of representatives, expert organisations and academic institutions. We work for the benefit of the Green Destinations Community: destination representatives and stakeholders. Together we make their places better and more sustainable. Learn more at www.greendestinations.org.


Tourism Cares unites the travel industry to advance its positive impact to help people and places thrive.  For nearly 20 years, Tourism Cares has been the travel industry’s nonprofit network bringing its members from around the globe together to create powerful connections and drive action. We believe it is in our best interest to support the destinations we all depend on so that communities, travelers and businesses can prosper. Learn more at www.tourismcares.org.

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The Destination Stewardship Center is a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the world’s distinctive places by supporting wisely managed tourism and enlightened destination stewardship. We gather and provide information on how tourism can help and not harm the natural, cultural, and social quality of destinations around the world. We seek to build a global community and knowledge network for advancing this goal. Join us at www.destinationcenter.org.


Sustainable Travel International is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and conserving our planet’s most vulnerable destinations. We are transforming tourism’s impact on nature and people by working alongside local communities, engaging travelers and businesses in responsible practices, and strengthening destination management. Through our work, we aim to safeguard nature, combat climate change, and empower communities to preserve the integrity of destinations around the globe. To learn more, visit www.sustainabletravel.org.


The Travel Foundation is a leading global charity that works in partnership with governments, businesses and communities to develop and manage tourism to maximise its benefits for communities and the environment, so that destinations can thrive. Founded in 2003, it has worked in nearly 30 countries around the world. Its head office is based in the UK and it has a global network of project managers. Learn more at www.thetravelfoundation.org.uk.

Coalition Advisor

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) establishes and manages global sustainable standards, known as the GSTC Criteria. There are two sets: Destination Criteria for public policy-makers and destination managers, and Industry Criteria for hotels and tour operators. The GSTC Criteria form the foundation for accreditation of certification bodies that certify hotels/accommodations, tour operators, and destinations as having sustainable policies and practices in place. GSTC does not directly certify any products or services; but it accredits those that do.


The GSTC is an independent and neutral USA-registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that represents a diverse and global membership, including national and provincial governments, NGO’s, leading travel companies, hotels, tour operators, individuals and communities – all striving to achieve best practices in sustainable tourism. Learn more at www.gstc.org.


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