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Fighting Climate Change with More Tools

The Future of Tourism Toolkit offers a variety of tools, resources and services around the topics of climate action, metrics + measurement, destination stewardship, and supply chain.

We're excited to spotlight new tools from Sustainable Travel International added to our Climate Action section that will help users with everything from climate friendly events, to using blue carbon as a climate change solution, to free carbon measurement tools and more.

This short checklist provides event organizers with practical tips on how to plan and manage events that minimize environmental impacts.

The recording of Sustainable Travel International's Forest Carbon Offset Webinar explores the skepticism surrounding this type of carbon offset program and takes an in-depth look at its effectiveness.

In this webinar, Sustainable Travel International CEO Paloma Zapata chats with three experts to explore how the tourism industry can harness blue carbon as a climate change adaptation and solution.

This webinar outlines the importance of net zero solutions and explores how three innovative companies are using new technology to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

This article discusses the role that biochar, a new waste-removal solution that sequesters carbon emissions, plays in shaping a more sustainable future for communities, the planet, and tourism.

This downloadable checklist provides travelers with a list of tips aimed at reducing the climate impact of their trips.

This tool helps travelers measure the carbon footprint of their flights, accommodations, transport, and meals.

This free tool provides event organizers with the cost of offsetting the carbon footprint of their events, which is calculated using categories like venue energy consumption, attendee travel, meals, and accommodation.

This embeddable application programming interface (API) uses Sustainable Travel International's proprietary methodology to measure emissions generated by core components of businesses' travel, including: flights, vehicles, trains, boats, hotels, and meals. 

Our Transactional API allows clients to purchase carbon offsets from our best-in-class portfolio of climate projects, and track their footprint down to carbon neutral.


Make sure to check out the full Future of Tourism Toolkit for other resources, articles, and programs that can support your sustainability strategy.

Need something specific? Email for support.

Please note: the Future of Tourism Toolkit does require a log-in to access.

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