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Future of Tourism Toolkit: Creating a Climate Action Plan

There is a variety of resources in our Future of Tourism Toolkit, organized around the four topics of climate action, metrics + measurement, destination stewardship, and supply chain.

To help signatories get the most out of the toolkit, we've organized key tools and resources around specific topics. Is your company interested in building a climate action plan? Here's a suggested route to navigate some of the tools within our climate action section:

First, read up on the Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism and the five pathways involved in creating a climate action plan: measure, decarbonize, regenerate, collaborate, and finance. Then delve into this set of webinars and workshops, which provide a useful overview on creating a climate action plan. These businesses have helpfully shared their own climate action plans for reference and the toolkit also includes a leading example of collaborative climate action planning in Scotland.

Lay the groundwork for your climate action efforts by measuring your baseline carbon footprint. This article and webinar will help you understand how to calculate your carbon footprint. The toolkit also includes carbon measurement solutions like a tour footprinting tool, travel carbon calculator, and measurement API that make it easy to quantify emissions. Once you know your footprint you can identify targets and strategies for reduction. Then, utilize educational solutions like trainings and awareness materials to inspire collective climate action among your employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

You can also use our toolkit to take your climate action plan beyond reduction to help finance the global transition to net zero. By investing in carbon offsets, you’ll support initiatives that prevent or reverse the loss natural carbon sinks like forests and blue carbon ecosystems.

Finally, our inaugural Future of Tourism Summit in Athens focused on climate change and tourism and the recorded webinar provides a great source of inspiration for further collaborative action.

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