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Our new “Future of Tourism is NOW” initiative

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

We need your stories…NOW!

The Future of Tourism Coalition is launching a monthly storytelling initiative to share new ideas and inspiring case studies, and support radical collaboration. We believe the path to progress is through knowledge sharing - understanding pitfalls, challenges and successes can help us build a stronger sustainable tourism movement for all to prosper.

Every month, the Future of Tourism Coalition will highlight inspiring stories that bring our shared vision for tourism to life. This is your chance to be heard and recognised and to show the world how the Future of Tourism is happening NOW!

We’ll take each of our 13 guiding principles in turn and bring together the best stories we can find from within our Future of Tourism Community and wider networks and knowledge banks (such as the Destination Stewardship Report and the Green Destinations Top 100). We’ll then create a compelling summary of each story, with eye-catching visuals, explaining how they relate to the chosen guiding principle, and build-up a library of these on our website. We’ll also share them far and wide - on our social media, our newsletter, through our 700+ signatory network, at our events, and by encouraging journalists to use “Future of Tourism is NOW” stories as their go-to resource when looking for examples of sustainable tourism.

Have a story to tell? Here are the rules:

  • Stories must already exist elsewhere (online or as a pdf) so that we can link to the full article or case study, and we’d love to use your images and/or video if you have any.

  • If we have too many stories to choose from (we’ll aim for max. 6 per month), we will put them up for votes on our online community platform.

Guiding Principle #1 “See the whole picture”. Recognize that most tourism by its nature involves the destination as a whole, not only industry businesses, but also its ecosystems, natural resources, cultural assets and traditions, communities, aesthetics, and built infrastructure. Most tourism is about the place and its people. To varying extents, tourism businesses rely on the character, appeal, and resources of the destination as a whole. Sometimes it may be one particular attractor – wildlife, a beach, a historic district. But more often, it’s the interwoven combination of all of these elements that together constitutes a sense of place. That is why we travel. ​​ Planning for the future of tourism requires thinking beyond business success and building a solid, holistic foundation. Securing the future of tourism requires investing in the long-term health and vitality of all of the different elements that comprise the destination as a whole. Real life examples: 1. Here’s a recent example from Amsterdam of a destination undertaking some big picture thinking. 2. The Travel Corporation has recently launched their “Make Travel Matter” (MTM) Experiences, which assess the impact of tours and excursions using the Sustainable Development Goals as a framework. Learn more about the MTM Experiences here.

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