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Future of Tourism Toolkit: Finding Sustainable Tourism Product

There is a variety of resources in our Future of Tourism Toolkit, organized around the four topics of climate action, metrics + measurement, destination stewardship, and supply chain.

To help signatories get the most out of the toolkit, we've organized key tools and resources around specific topics. Is your company interested in sourcing responsible, sustainable tourism product? Here are some resources that will help kickstart your journey.

Begin your journey by delving into "Transforming Tourism Value Chains," a case study by The Travel Foundation. Uncover innovative initiatives and strategies dedicated to making tourism value chains more sustainable. Seek insights into how businesses in the tourism sector can actively contribute to and support local communities through responsible practices.

For a practical example, turn your attention to CREST's Report on the Caribbean Food Waste Landscape. This analysis highlights sustainable practices within the food industry, showcasing how businesses can make a positive impact on local communities by reducing food waste and embracing sustainable food practices.

Transition from inspiration to action by immersing yourself in Sustainable Travel's "Where Next?" documentary series. Gain valuable insights into selecting destinations and activities that actively support local communities. Take the next step by exploring the Tourism Cares Meaningful Travel Map, connecting you directly to vetted businesses, products, and services aligned with responsible and sustainable practices.

By engaging with these resources, you'll glean invaluable insights and practical tips for discovering sustainable and responsible products that contribute to the well-being of local communities. If you crave more information, explore the myriad resources, research, and case studies available within the toolkit. Feel free to reach out directly to for further assistance.

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I have found this article is pretty enough to understand eco-friendly tourism which discovers sustainable and responsible products that contribute to the well-being of local communities all around the world.

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